News from Biddlesden

SERVICES- There will be a Lay-led Harvest Festival Service at Biddlesden St Margaret’s on Sunday 29th September at 6pm. Please contact Carole if you are able to help with cleaning and decorating the Church.

COBBLER CLASSIC SPORTIVE, CYCLE EVENT- Saturday 19th October - Advance warning that this cycle event will again be passing through Biddlesden. All three route options come through Biddlesden, so there will be a significant number of cyclists on the road.

BRIDGE REPAIRS- Finally, the bridge barriers have been fully repaired, after the various accidents during the icy periods last winter. Not quite sure what the hold up was, but it seemed as if traffic lights and signs were going up and down, up and down, without any actual work being done; apart from ‘workers’ topping up sun-tans at the side of the road …  grumble, grumble!!

Sam Hosking