News from Biddlesden

Deanery Lent Evensong 31st March- St Margaret’s, Biddlesden will be hosting a Deanery Lent Evensong at 6 pm on Sunday 31st March. If anyone can help with cleaning the church, please contact Carole.


Biddlesden Bridge- During the recent icy weather and freezing rain, a number of vehicles were involved in accidents on the road between the Biddlesden Bridge and Syresham. The Biddlesden Bridge railings are still badly damaged. The damage has been reported and Buckinghamshire Council have attended to ‘make safe’ and are due to repair them, but no date as yet! In icy conditions, please take care on this stretch of road. The poor state of the road and lack of surface grip has been reported to Northants Highways, but they do not consider the road surface in a bad enough state to warrant resurfacing and the potholes are not deep enough - yet!


Sam Hosking


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