St. James and St. John Primary School

As July begins, the end of another, but very different school year looms closer.

In June we welcomed back to school, years 6, 1 and Foundation, as well as more children of key worker parents. These children came back from Monday to Friday, into ‘bubbles’- small groups which remained apart from the other adults and children in the school. Staff worked hard to prepare for the pupils return, following DfE guidance to keep children and staff safe, but also to make the school feel welcoming. This involved removing furniture and other items, including a lot of resources and familiar objects that are normally in the classroom, to allow space for each child to have an individual desk. Each child also had a tray of items that only they could use, as well as their learning. Staff have been redeployed to ensure each bubble had adequate staffing, but with familiar faces. 

Home learning opportunities via the school website have continued, including for those children who have chosen not to return at the moment. Staff have continued to add stories, diary entries and other items to keep in touch with the children and them with us. As part of this, we have been really encouraged to see so many pictures, photos and pieces of work. As a staff, we have been astounded by how well the children have adapted to a different style of learning and some of the amazing pieces they have sent us. There are some very creative and talented children throughout the school! I would encourage you to take a look at some of the photos on the website.

Facilitating the transition of children to their new classes, as well as our new September 2020 intake has been an obvious challenge, but one which the benefits of modern technology has been able to help with. Virtual transition arrangements are being put in place to enable children to ‘meet’ their new teacher, ‘see’ their new classroom, and for some their new school! Parents of these new children have been able to meet online using a private social messaging group and discuss all those questions and worries new starters (and parents) often have. Staff have also taken advance of ‘Zoom’ to facilitate some parent meetings, updating parents on current and future arrangements.

In other news, the school now has its own Facebook page and we welcome all our families and friends to find and support us- ‘St James and St John Church of England School’.

Whilst we don’t know what September will bring, we look forward to seeing more of our children and finding out what they have been up to! In the meantime we wish all our families and friends of St James and St John a very peaceful, safe and healthy summer!