News from Turweston


Churches continue to remain closed across the country and it does not seem likely that services will be allowed to resume just yet. However, if you would like to join others in Turweston in bible study and prayer, we hold a Zoom meeting each Tuesday evening between 7.30pm and 8.30pm. The evening consists of chatting, a discussion about a section of the bible that we read together that evening (there is no homework), and then we finish with prayers. We are currently working our way through Genesis (if you like Quentin Tarrantino films you might like this!). We are not experts so we are discovering the bible together; sometimes we understand it (or think we do), and sometimes it remains a mystery. You would be very welcome to join us. It is a lovely way to feel connected to people who share the Christian faith. If you would like further details please contact Margaret Tilley on 705555 or

Lizzie Babister


Live-streamed and ‘as live’ worship is available for everyone across the Diocese of Oxford. Our principal Diocesan services take place at 10 am each Sunday. Live-streamed services are available to view again at any time. Orders of service are also available to view at this link.