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Church Services and Rota - December is a busy time, not least for the church. There will be three special services this month:

Sunday 3rd December              6pm            Songs for Advent with the Benefice Choir

Sunday 17th December             6pm            Carol Service

Monday 25th December            10.30am      Christmas Day, Benefice Holy Communion

The New Year starts with a Plough Service on 21st January at 11.15am.

There are no flowers in Advent (just candles); all arrangers are asked to help decorate for the Christmas services. Diana will clean in December, Catriona and Jill in January. Sue will arrange flowers in January.

Carols & Cake, Thursday 15th December at 3pm - Get into the Christmas spirit – sing along with some carols while enjoying your afternoon tea and cake at Boycott Farm Cafe. This is arranged by churches of the Buckingham Deanery.

St Giles - Cleaning and Flowers 2017 - A sincere thank you to the ladies of Water Stratford who clean the church and create beautiful flower arrangements in order that any visitors, as members of a congregation, attending to a loved one’s grave or enjoying the peacefulness and history of the building and churchyard, see our church at its best. Catriona, Susanne, Susan, Nicky, Pam, Sue, Miriam, Jill, Diana, Jean and Deborah each give willingly of their time each year; we do appreciate it.

If anyone else in the village would like to offer their time and talents, please contact me, Sarah, on 848209.

Sarah Willis

Sarah's contribution is appreciated too – on both rotas as well as organising it all!

Remembrance Sunday - Thanks to Revd Liz for leading a meaningful service on 12th November, giving us an opportunity to remember and reflect. On a cold but sunny morning, the light coming through a coloured pane at the top of the south window cast poppy-like images on the opposite wall, slowly moving along as the sun moved – an unexpected and lovely addition to the service.

Seasonal Thoughts - In an attempt to find something different to write this year, I counted the number of church-related emails sent and received by one churchwarden in the past month: over fifty! Something similar must the case for others on the PCC and Parish Meeting, and there are phone calls, correspondence and meetings as well. To everyone who has done work on behalf of the rest of us during the year, thank you; and to everyone who has lent a hand, an ear, a kind word or thought in times of difficulty, thank you too: we are very lucky here.

Best wishes for happiness at Christmas, and may 2018 bring what you hope for.


Sara Edwards


Water Stratford
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