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Oliver Patrick Hilsdon 1992-2019- It is very sad to record that Oli died in January. A former student at The Royal Latin School and Pembroke College, Cambridge, he had recently started his dream job with a Private Equity firm in London when he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour at just twenty-two and given twelve to eighteen months to live. Oli faced his illness with extraordinary positivity, running the London Marathon, and thereby raising £60,000 for Brain Tumour Research, in under four hours only a month after radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy, and the next day returning to work. Subsequently, the cancer came back, requiring surgery and an expensive vaccine not available on the NHS, so his family and friends fund-raised for this; but part-way through treatment the illness returned. His wedding to Georgia, who had been with him throughout the ordeal, was brought forward and they married in Pembroke College chapel. Oli has been an inspiration to many, including those who never knew him, not only raising money for research into brain tumours but also raising awareness of the disease. Our sympathy goes out to his family (our near neighbours), his bride of two months and his many friends, who have lost someone of great promise and strength of character who was so much loved. The Oli Hilsdon Foundation is currently being established to raise much-needed money for Brain Tumour Research.

Church Services and Rota- There will be a service of Holy Communion at St Giles on Sunday 17th March at 11.15am. Sarah and Nicky will clean. There are no flowers during Lent.  Please note that there will not be a Mothering Sunday service in our church this year, but instead, a 'Messy Mothering Sunday' service (sounds wonderful!) for all our benefice churches at 10 am on Sunday 31st March at St Mary Magdalene, Tingewick.

Sara Edwards

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