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We celebrated Easter 4 weeks ago – I guess not many of you who had chocolate eggs still have some chocolate left - chocolate never quite lasts for long enough!


And often, we forget all about Easter and it’s meaning as soon as, or before, we’ve finished the chocolate. But the church keeps Easter for 6 weeks after the actual day – and that’s because the amazing thing about Easter is that it doesn’t end with the story of Jesus rising from the dead on Easter day – because, by his resurrection, Jesus won the victory over death for all time, and for us all. That’s why we celebrate it once a year, because it makes a difference to how we live every other day of the year. By defeating death, Jesus showed us that he can bring a new quality to our lives lived on earth now, not just everlasting life in heaven. It makes a difference on Easter Day, and on Monday mornings.


And so we come to Pentecost, or Whitsun, which is when the church remembers the giving of the Holy Spirit. It’s the Spirit who connects our lives with the life of Jesus, with his death and resurrection. It’s the Spirit who makes Jesus real to us. It’s the Spirit who works in our lives to make a difference, to make us part of what Christ did for us in his death and resurrection.


Easter might seem a long time ago, but it’s the Spirit of Jesus who lives in us so that Monday mornings can be resurrection mornings too. He’s the one who brings the power of Christ into our lives, to make us different people, people who are more like Jesus, who live lives connected to the life of God himself.  


As Tom Wright puts it ‘God’s future has arrived in the present, has arrived in the person of Jesus. In arriving, it has confronted and defeated the forces of evil and opened the way for God’s new world, for heaven and earth to be joined forever. Not only heaven and earth, but also future and present, overlap and interlock. And the way that interlocking becomes real, not just imaginary, is through the powerful work of God’s Spirit.


Revd Liz Simpson

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