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In a world where there is so much suffering, oppression and injustice, what is the good news of Christmas? We’ll be thinking a bit about that in our carol services this year.

Many of those around us will be joining in the preparations and festivities of Christmas, while others will feel left out, because their circumstances mean they can’t join in the general jollity. (If that’s you, the Quiet Christmas Carol Service 13th December is designed for you!) I don’t know which of those you are. But I hope that if you visit church over Christmas you will find something you can connect with, and know that, whoever you are, God is reaching out in the Christmas message to you.

In some of our churches, we have advent candles. On the first Sunday of Advent, these are the words we will use:

We dare to light a light of hope,
despite the darkness of our world.
In the face of cruelty and suffering,
of oppression and inequality,
we dare to hope!

In a world that sometimes seems hopeless,
with the patriarchs of old,
we light a candle in the darkness.
We dare to hope!

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.

And on Christmas Day:

We light a light to celebrate life,
the life of a tiny child, born in obscurity and danger,
the promise of God with us, in every part of our lives.

In a world that sometimes seems hopeless, we dare to hope!
In a world that sometimes forgets God-with-us, we cling to your promise!
In a world of comfort and plenty where others go hungry, challenge us to change!
in a world of many ambitions and drives, let it be with me according to your word!

Emmanuel, God is with us born as one of us!


Revd Liz Simpson

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