News from Biddlesden

CHURCH SERVICES AT ST MARGARET’S- A Carol Service is planned for 6pm Sunday 20th December and Benefice Holy Communion at 10.30am 31st January (COVID restrictions permitting). Any changes or further plans will be sent round nearer the time.

GET WELL SOON- Our best wishes go to Claire - wishing you a speedy recovery. Your Biddlesden neighbours are thinking of you.

ROADWORKS ON WELSH LANE - As we all know there have been roadworks on the Welsh Lane between Biddlesden and Stowe for some time, with plans to resurface. However, after it all came to a halt a few residents have been asking what is going on and this is the reply from Transport for Buckinghamshire:

“During the initial phase of the patching scheme we discovered that a large proportion of the existing surfacing was contaminated with tar that is no longer complied to modern standards.

The holes referred to are most likely the trial pits which have been excavated as part of this investigation to determine the nature of the existing pavement construction and also the extent / levels of the tar contamination. TfB will ensure that any significant defects are remedied, and will then undertake their usual regular inspections to ensure any defects are addressed as per the Buckinghamshire Highways Inspection Policy.  Given the above, it is not intended to return to site immediately to undertake any further large scale patching.”

So I guess we’ll have to wait AGAIN for Welsh Lane to be properly maintained.