News from Biddlesden

As to be expected it has been very quiet in Biddlesden; no church services, no parties and gatherings, but many more people have been working from home with children and students studying from the dining room table as well. While out on walks, it’s been lovely to bump into and chat with neighbours who are usually out at work (socially distanced of course!). And everyone has been offering to help each other - thank goodness for WhatsApp! In particular, thank you to Clare for continually offering to pick up essential groceries/medicines on the way back from shifts on the front line. And of course our gratitude goes to Mark and Clare along with all NHS staff for all they are having to deal with during this pandemic.

LOCKDOWN FOODBOXES- Several households were glad to receive food boxes during the early weeks of total lockdown when they couldn’t go out or get delivery slots. The SOFEA food larder scheme, which was organised by Brackley Town Council in this area, has continued to run but is due to stop at the end of August. There is a possibility the scheme might renew if there are any second wave lockdowns.

Graham Miller

  Thank you Graham for organising the deliveries for Biddlesden.

WELCOME - Just as our new neighbours were trying to finish the renovation of their cottage, lockdown hit, but after some delays, progress continued and Allun and Carrie arefinishing off the works. A warm welcome to you - a housewarming party will be expected after the virus has been brought under control!!!

TURWESTON FLIGHTS- There have been lots of complaints about aircraft from Turweston flying directly over the village. If you need to make a complaint, take photos and aircraft ID letters and send them to the airfield for the attention of David Owen and to Buckinghamshire Council, (was AVDC), planning dept.

NEW VICAR- I am pleased to be able to tell the village that a new Vicar, the Revd Paula Smith, has been appointed. I will let you have further details when I have them, but suffice to say it won't be for a while yet as the vicarage in Westbury, where she will live, is still under going major building works.

Carole Muddiman

… AND FINALLY! ...  Coastguards have been trying to trace an emergency beacon from a life-raft in Biddlesden. Emergency life-rafts were spotted in the back garden of number 6. Flood alerts are pending! Those further down the hill are stockpiling sand bags, water wings and inflatables - oh, they’re at number 6!!!

Graham & Samantha