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Benefice Bible Study Group

Why go to Bible Study?


Someone who has been a practicing Christian for a long time, might feel they know what the Bible says and are happy reading the Bible on their own or listening to the readings in Church on Sunday. Someone who does not yet consider themselves a Christian but perhaps has an inkling they would like to hear more, might feel uncertain or embarrassed that they might ask silly questions or appear ignorant.


Well, for people of both extremes (and for those in the middle) Bible Study is really useful, helpful and revealing. The practicing Christian who is familiar with the Bible, will undoubtedly come across something they did not know before or fully understand. While the person who is keen to learn more about the Christian faith will be able to ask questions in an accepting and understanding environment - and will often find that those "silly" questions have also been in the minds of the other people in the study group.


We are lucky to have two Bible Study groups in the Benefice, running at different times and locations. I go along to the group on Tuesday evenings often held in Shalstone. All members of the group are very friendly and relaxed and this little group has become a meeting of friends where everyone feels able to ask all sorts of questions around faith, usually starting with "I know this might sound daft but I've always wondered...", or "I might have got this completely wrong, but....". Quite often the answers are not straight forward and can lead to discussions lasting all evening. The Bible is our reference point and from there we find ourselves discussing philosophy, history and parenting issues among other things - solving problems and conundrums along the way.


Mostly the group is lead by Liz, but if Liz is busy we take it in turns to have a go at leading for the evening with the help of a study book. Sometimes the study is based around a book that focuses on one passage in the Bible or on a theme. Our meetings generally focus on the study material we're looking at, but we frequently digress to answer questions that crop up.


I found attempting to read the Bible very difficult and baffling. Trying time and again to start at the beginning and attempting to wade through. But I just couldn't understand what the passages were really saying. That's why I decided to go to Bible Study, to see if I could learn anything by being in the company of people who might actually know what it all meant! Several years on, I've learnt a lot, but still have a lot to learn. I thoroughly enjoy our debates and discussions and while I felt self-conscious at first, I'm quite happy now to join in offering my opinions and asking questions.


So if you feel you want to extend your knowledge of the Bible, or like me you come along as a complete beginner, you will find a very warm welcome, new friends (and a cuppa with biscuits)! Just contact Liz for times and locations of the Bible Study classes and if you need help with transport, please ask.

Samantha Hosking

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