News for all Benefice Villages

What a way to start the year! And certainly not what any of us were hoping for! After the tremendously successful return to school in the autumn term, we were all eager to embrace the hope and optimism of the New Year. Instead we are wholeheartedly resurrecting our roles as remote teachers and supporters. We are very proud of how our pupils have adapted so quickly and the amazing support of our parents! 

Learning has been moved to our digital learning platform, ClassDojo, a format that we have been using through the autumn term for homework and messaging. Learning is uploaded daily for the children, with parents and pupils then able to share completed work, as well as other achievements, back with the class teacher directly. The school sites are not shut however; they are very much open to those key worker and vulnerable children that require it. Those children are supported at school, in their usual bubble groups, to do the home learning set.

In order to aid us in developing our remote teaching and learning capabilities further, every class has been having regular Teams sessions with their class teacher and classmates. These are a chance to catch up with each other, as well as share their learning and achievements. We have also managed to utilise the Teams platform to keep delivering interventions and therapies, where they can appropriately be done so, with students that require them. As a school, we have also managed to support some children with loans of laptops, to assist with some of the technological demands of digital learning.

Being mindful of our pupil’s mental health, we have been proactive in offering mindfulness activities for our pupils, as well as offering other support for parents and pupils. Many of these are available to view on the School Website.

During this difficult time, we have been quick to respond to parent’s comments and concerns, and we have been utilising our Parent Voice representatives in order to facilitate this, with weekly meetings and regular updates. 

With Spring around the corner, bulbs starting to bloom and birds returning, we can all hope for a swift return to school for all our pupils. Until then, we wish you all well and look forward, with optimism, to the rest of the school year!