Thought for the month


I am so happy to be settling in with you all as we enter this season of festivities, when we look forward to the light coming down into the darkness – whether the light represents Immanuel, God with us in Jesus, or the light of other festivals of faith celebrated at this time of year, as the days grow shorter we recognise the joy and comfort that light brings. The promise of hope we see in light is for all; we see it in the shining lights of Christmas trees, fairy lights, lit candles, roaring fires and smiling friendly faces. 

There is no doubt this year has had much darkness in it, and this is not over yet, but we have also had much to be thankful for; the great kindness and bravery shown by many health and care workers, the kindness of friends, neighbours and even strangers who have helped us out when we have been in need, and this will continue. This a reflection of the light, this is the manifestation of the light in the darkness and it is true no amount of darkness can put this light out. This light has been with us throughout this year and will not leave us now. 

As we make our plans for Christmas this year, or look ahead to the shorter days and the longer evenings of the months ahead, we will be finding we need to make some changes, and to be honest few of us like changes. But we can all work at ways to make sure we all feel part of the community we live in and that if family and friends are far, neighbours are not.

The local church has a big part to play in this, and we will be trying to find ways to be in contact, to keep some of the services and gatherings we would usually have going. I know other faith groups will be doing the same; as well as the parish councils and charitable groups, who are all working at finding ways to reach out to those alone and to bring the community together in creative ways.

That is one of the great joys of being in a rural community, we are a group of people brought together by the place we live in. In the quiet of our homes, or in the opportunities we get to join with others over these next few months, let us rejoice in the good things that are around us. Be it a robin hopping about in the garden, or the sunlight streaming in, a card in the post, or meeting up with neighbours or family when the chance arises. 

Whatever our belief in Jesus, we all know that one person can indeed make a tremendous difference in other people’s life. Let us all be the light in each others lives as we remember those we know who may need a smiling face, offers of support and comfort, and let us all continue to find things to rejoice and be glad in.  Many blessings to you all.

Revd Paula