Westbury Parish News - June 21

Westbury Parish Council

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th June at Westbury Village Hall at 8.00 pm. Members of the public are very welcome to attend but please register with the clerk beforehand (for track and trace purposes). The agenda will be published the week before the meeting at: https://westburyvillage.co.uk/westbury-parish-council-agendas-and-minutes/

 A BIG THANK YOU to our wonderful Shop & Cafe 
 It is now over a year since the Shop and Cafe, with its staff, many local volunteers took up the mantel of providing for the village in a new way. Initially a reaction to lock-down it has grown and developed into an amazing community facility diversifying into great grocery produce (much local), fantastic food and of course the now almost legendary Friday night take out. We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in this amazing transformation that has put it on the map beyond the village and led it into a successful sustainable local business. So, a year on it is a BIG THANK YOU from the Westbury Parish and beyond! 

Wilding our verges
The Parish Council is looking into letting our verges go wild in response to the national Blue Campaign. Scientific evidence shows that even small strips left to grass and wild flowers can have a positive impact on both invertebrates and bird varieties. In addition, it will save mowing costs that can go to other causes. We will do a survey of the verges, working up a scheme that is safe and share it with you over the coming months. If you have any thoughts or want to be involved, please contact vicky.hopewalker@btinternet.com
For further information on the national scheme visit www.bluecampaignhub.com
 The parish council has purchased a Tommy, an iconic figure symbolising sacrifice and service that will stand proudly on Main Street.
Speed Watch update
 Volunteers across Buckinghamshire were put on hold due to lockdown regulations but as the restrictions are being lifted, community groups will be able to resume their speed watch activities. Councillor Cath Young will be leading the project going forward in Westbury and will soon be in touch with volunteers.
 Our website is kept up-to-date with the latest road closures and work in the area: (https://westburyvillage.co.uk/full-steam-ahead-on-hs2/)
Fix my street
 Anyone can use this online tool to report a problem on a street/road in Buckinghamshire (including fly tipping) or to track the progress of reported issues at: https://www.fixmystreet.buckscc.gov.uk/
Join the village mailing list and Facebook group
 Facebook page ‘Westbury Village, Bucks Group’
To sign up for village emails please contact the parish clerk westburyclerk@aol.com
Please note:
Samantha has now finished as editor of the Link, so it won’t be circulated until a new editor is appointed; it is hoped it will be back as a hard copy by July.  In the meantime, the parish council will continue to send information out monthly.  

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