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The church in Turweston is supporting Baby Basics , a charity which provides essentials for babies, to support families struggling to afford them. This could include second-hand clothing, some second-hand equipment, nappies, bottles etc. On the table inside the church is a list of all the things they can and cannot accept and a box to place items in. We transport these to Milton Keynes, from where they are distributed. If you are able to support us, please check what items we can collect and leave them in church. Please do check first as some items are not accepted. Your donations will be much appreciated by the families receiving them. 

Sometime in the summer we thought it would be nice to organise a community event of some description. We want to do this to raise much needed funds for our church. Churches are expensive buildings to maintain and run, but they have an important role in our communities, whether it be baptising children, marrying couples, or holding funerals and memorials when our loved ones die. All of this in addition to the regular services where people can come together to worship. They can also be more widely used for events such as concerts etc. If you have ideas for using the church for a function that would serve our community do let us know. We are very open to hearing your ideas. Anyway, we are going to be pulling together ideas for a community event and once we have some plans finalised we will put more information through your doors - if you have any ideas about this please do also let us know. Whatever the event is, please do support it. It is great to come together and socialise, to get to know each other better and hopefully to have fun. If we can raise money to keep our old church in good shape, so much the better. 


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