How to support the work of the Benefice - for free each time you shop!

How does it work?
How do you sign up?
Once signed up - how to get the best out of it


It sounds too good to be true - right?

Free donations to good causes from the likes of Amazon, Tescos, John Lewis and 7500 other stores?

But launched in 2005, easyfundraising has over 2 million supporters and raised over £50 million for thousands of causes across the U.K

We would love your support and, any cashback we receive this way, will be used for priducting the Link Magazine and other Benefice expenses


How does it work?

Brands pay a commission when you start your shop with easyfundraising enabled. This can be on a laptop, tablet or phone

If you make a purchase, a commission is generated, and they turn that into a donation that we receive each quarter

Here is an example of what you could see

How do you sign up?

Simply click HERE and follow the instructions

You can enable the browser extension so it will remind you when you visit a site that offers a donation

You can also download their app

It's simple to do and all help gratefully appreciated to help maintain our lovely village building

Thank you

Once signed up - how to get the best out of it

Here are some useful tips:

  1. Desktop/laptop donation reminder:  if you activate this, then when going to a shop that is in the scheme the yellow box will normally pop up and offer you the chance to donate for free. The donation reminder can be accessed here and you enable this in your browser settings (extensions):

  2. Phone app: you can download their app to search and go to shops to get the cashback. You can also set up favourites

  3. Amazon: If you want cashback from them, do not use their app and I would recommend removing on your phone or desktop so it doesn’t take over. Also Amazon do not allow the yellow donation reminder up on their site.

    Therefore to get Amazon cashback, you have to either use the Easyfundraising app on your phone or on a desktop/laptop etc go via

    It does work then

  4. Other store apps: The same is true of any other shop app on your phone. The shops own app will not normally link back to the cashback system e.g. Ocado, Tesco etc but if you use the Easyfundraising app to visit, all should be well

  5. Prizes! Watch out for prizes and speical promotions they offer supporters from time to time

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