I hope all is well with you and when the June Link goes out we are all enjoying some lovely early summer days! We had great celebrations over the Easter season within our churches, and a wonderful joyful turnout for our Easter family activities.

It has been so good to meet more of you. Some of you have been sharing with me your hobbies and interests, ranging from jigsaw puzzles, (I didn’t even know you can get jigsaws with 3000 pieces!) to some of you getting booked up to take part in half triathlons, how adventurous you are, well done all of you in your quests. I am still attempting to learn to swim and have had lots of tips from people, thank you – I will get there, one day!

In fact, across the Benefice, we are very fortunate to have quite a variety of clubs and groups that meet up, each village seems to have several. A great favourite being those involving dogs and dog walking, which of course attracts me with my 2-year-old border terrier- who is beginning to settle down! We have several pet services in our calendar across the Benefice over the summer, so do bring your pets along or just come yourself and get a certificate of blessing for them!

Blessings are something we all can do with, humans and animals alike. The summer can be such a glorious time for us to be out in creation and enjoy the wonderful rural location we live in, or even explore further for holidays with family and friends.

Whatever you do, I do hope you will feel blessed and give thanks to God for all the good in our lives, bearing in mind those who are finding life tough – which maybe you of course. Please pop into the churches and offer a prayer for yourself, or for others, and enjoy the peace of our beautiful churches. Just like we enjoy a chat with others, God welcomes us to chat with him too. I hope to meet up with more of you over the summer activities, please do contact me if you want a chat,

All blessing to you

Reverend Paula Smith 01280 701631


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